Healthy Suggestions To Help You Reduce Bruising Easily!

Bruising easily is a common symptom of several , generally blood related diseases, but it can also happen to people simply because of their aging. Normally bruises caused primarily by aging will just disappear in a week or two as your body heals itself naturally. When easy bruising is considered to be a symptom of something other than normal aging and combined with otherwise unfamiliar symptoms associated with body or headache pain, it is advisable to see your doctor.

As red blood cells seep into adjacent tissues from a broken blood vessel, the hemoglobin undergoes chemical changes which account for the sequence of colors in the bruise. Around the eighth or ninth day, the skin over the bruised area will have a brown or yellowish appearance, and it will gradually fade back to its normal color. If swelling is seen at the early stage of bruising development, you may alternatively apply cold and hot compresses while elevating the affected area over your shoulder to help minimize blood clotting.

As people age, they may be prone more to easy bruising because of the thinning of their skins, making it more fragile. Minor bruises may be easily recognized in people with light skin by the characteristic blue or purple appearance, idiomatically described as “black and blue” in the days following an injury. Bruises change colors over time in a predictable pattern, so that it is possible to estimate when an injury occurred by the color of the bruise.

It can be hard to stop bruising easily, but you can help accelerate the healing process. When you get a bruise, you can use stuff that you can find right in your freezer to help the bruise disappear faster. Applying cold when you first get a bruise helps reduce the swelling size by slowing down the blood that’s flowing to the affected area; it decreases the amount of blood that ends up leaking into the tissues. Most importantly it keeps the inflammation and swelling down. All you have to do is compress cold to the bruise for thirty to sixty minutes a day or two after the bruise appears. You don’t need to buy an expensive cold pack, even if they’re great to keep on hand in the freezer. Just get some ice, put it in a plastic bag, and wrap the bag with a cloth or a towel and place it on the bruise (take note it isn’t a good idea to apply the ice directly to the skin). Another thing to do is to use a bag of frozen vegetables. It doesn’t concern what kind of vegetable you have as long as they’re frozen. A bag of frozen vegetables is easy to apply to the bruise because it can form to the shape of the injured area. Also, like a cold pack, it can be used and refrozen again and again.

The size of new bruises can be reduce by raising the affected area to a high enough elevation to limit blood flow to the area. This process will help prevent the blood from seeping from the vessels in the area that is injured and also help reduce any swelling. Practically, if you raise the affected area above your head, it should minimize the visible size of the bruise.

Vigorous exercise may also cause bruises due to bringing about small tears in blood vessel walls. While normally caused by blunt impact, bruises or contusions can also result from pulled muscles, sprains, or other sporting injuries. To avoid these things happening, you should take the extra precaution of wearing appropriate protective gear before going into such activities.

Easy bruising will normally heal naturally, but you need to see a doctor if: A bruise stays longer than you’ve expected. You continue bruising even though you didn’t hit something accidentally. Bruises continue to get worse with no apparent reason. You feel pain continuously over an extended period of time. Your bruises gets bigger for no apparent reason. You feel numbness in a joint. You bruise resulting in a black eye.

Please be aware that everyone can develop easy bruising, so fortify yourself with the necessary information to help you overcome your easy bruising. Please keep in mind that educating yourself with facts from this article and other sources will enhance your ability to minimize the effects of your tendency to bruise easily.

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